The trend of environmental fabrics 

The history of human dressing has been 70,000 years. The function of clothing has changed dramatically, from the initial purpose of covering the body and resisting the wind and cold, to the pursuit of comfort and beauty. This change not only reflects the progress of science and technology, but also reflects the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for quality of life. The progress of science and technology makes such a change possible. Nowadays, people want clothing that protect both themselves and the environment.
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Recycled and degradable artificial fur

Advocate environmental protection and pursue the quality of life:

Glorious Fashion and a group of partners holding the same dream turn these words into real fabrics and garments.

Environmental protection is not an empty talk, and we are acting.

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Independent certification

  • Glorious Fashion actively cooperated with GRS to complete relevant certification tests and obtained corresponding certificates.



  • Glorious Fashion is a supporter of PETA.
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Real look. Real feeling. Artificial fur.


  • Since 1957, Kanecaron has been devoted to the development and production of a series of modified polyacrylic fibers called Carnecaron. Glorious Fashion, as a terminal manufacturer of artificial fur garments, has actively shared market feedback information with Kanecaron for many years, and regularly held seminars, aiming at developing products that can constantly cross new boundaries.

New fabric R&D manufacturer

Dongjing Group

  • Dongjing Group is a backbone and leading enterprise, and a large-scale and standardized enterprise in the Hangzhou Bay New Zone. It introduced advanced equipment, raw materials and scientific and technological talents from developed countries, and explored new technologies and researching new products. The recycled fabric series products jointly developed by Dongjing Group and Glorious Fashion have been favored by the market for their environmental protection and recycling characteristics.
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Garments made from fibers derived from recycled resources


  • DuPont inherited the leading fiber technology with the groundbreaking introduction of a DuPontTM Sorona® polymer derived from recycled resources, suitable for the production of fibers and fabrics. The MUFEI series of fabrics jointly developed with Glorious Fashion replaces fossil resources with some bio-based raw materials, which can reduce non-renewable resources by 30% and greenhouse gas emissions by 65%.

Glorious Fashion will strive to promote environmental protection and quality of life

Glorious will provide fashionable and environmentally-friendly fur-like fashions for fashion icons who are committed to environmental protection and pursuit of quality of life! We will provide you with luxurious but not extravagant high-end enjoyment at the price advantage of direct factory supply!

The world's top artificial fiber supplier

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Producer of high-end artificial fabrics

Qingdao Donglin
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Pioneer in environmentally-friendly and RECYCLE fabrics

Ningbo Dongjing Group
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There are also a group of leading fabrics and accessories suppliers who are leading the fashion trend and full of pioneering spirit

Escort our design, development and production!
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